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Athletes use therapy laser too

Companion the # 1 Veterinary Laser in the USA
Professional Athletics Teams
Using Litecure Class IV Human Therapy Lasers
to heal and maintain their elite athletes

Toronto Blue Jays

Boston Celtics
Chicago White Sox

Boston Red Sox
LA Lakers

San Diego Padres
Seattle Mariners

New Jersey Nets
Arizona Diamondbacks

Texas Rangers
Tampa Bay Rays

Colorado Rockies

Cleveland Indians

Los Angelos Angels

Tampa Bay Rays

LA Clippers
Tampa Bay Lightning

Buffalo Sabers
Cleveland Indians
USA Olympic Gold Basketball Teams
Mens and Womens
USA & Canadian Olympic Equestrian Teams
Gold and Silver Pegasus Therapy Laser Users
Litecure Class IV Therapy Lasers

Companion, Pegasus and the LCT-1000 Human Laser
Manufactured and supported in Newark, Delaware